Secret of Venus
    • Secret of Venus
    • Secret of Venus
    • Secret of Venus

    Secret of Venus

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    As in mythology and astrology Venus represents love, sensuality and earthly pleasures, we will tell you her best kept secret, a sensual earthly pleasure, our Pu-Erh Tea with Cocoa Shells, Orange Peel, Orange Triangles, Drops of Chocolate and Orange Blossoms.

    The SECRET OF VENUS as a mystical and symbolic concept has been associated with the powers of this goddess on the hidden knowledge of love and attraction, an attraction that you will not be able to stop feeling from a cup of this Tea flavored with ingredients that tirelessly attract each other.

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    3gr/cup      3-5 min     100ºC

    Secret of Venus

    Secret of Venus

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    "Secret of Venus: The Irresistible Charm of Chocolate and Citrus"

    Reveal the mystery of seduction in every sip with our "Secret of Venus". This captivating infusion combines the intriguing Pu-Erh Tea with cocoa shells, orange peel, orange triangles, chocolate drops and delicate orange blossoms, creating an elixir that reveals the irresistible charm of chocolate and citrus.

    Enigmatic Pu-Erh Tea: The base of this tea is the enigmatic Pu-Erh, a post-fermented and aged tea from the Yunnan region of China. Its earthy and mysterious profile combines perfectly with the flavors that accompany it.

    Cocoa and Chocolate: Cocoa shells and chocolate drops are immersed in each cup, releasing their richness and sweetness into the infusion. Each sip is like a chocolate hug that awakens your senses.

    Orange Peel and Orange Triangles: Orange peel and orange triangles provide a citrus freshness that balances the richness of the chocolate, creating a harmony of flavors that is irresistibly delicious.

    Orange Blossoms: Orange blossoms add a touch of elegance and a floral aroma that elevates this infusion to a sublime flavor experience.

    "Secret of Venus" is an elixir that awakens passion and indulgence in every cup. Ideal for those looking for a gift for the senses, this tea will remind you that love is found in the simple pleasures of life. Whether you enjoy it alone as a moment of personal indulgence or share it with someone special on a romantic evening, "Secret of Venus" will reveal its irresistible charm in every sip. Immerse yourself in this seduction of flavors and discover the mystery of chocolate and citrus at its best.


    A typical cup of red tea of ​​approximately 240 ml usually contains around 30 to 40 milligrams of theine.

    In general, milk can be added to red tea (Pu-erh) if you prefer. As with black tea, milk can soften the flavor of red tea and give it a creamier texture. However, keep in mind that red tea has a unique, earthy flavor that is appreciated by many people, and adding milk can change its flavor profile.

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    mar 2, 2024

    Fabulosa combinación

    Nunca habría imaginado que un pu-erh en el que se fusionan el cacao y la naranja podría haberme conquistado como lo ha hecho éste. Altamente recomendable!!!!!!!!!

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