Towards Silence (Bio)
    • Towards Silence (Bio)
    • Towards Silence (Bio)
    • Towards Silence (Bio)

    Towards Silence (Bio)

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    This sweet and relaxing mixture of delicate Pai Mu Tan White Tea*, accompanied by leaves of the popular and appreciated Chun Mee Green Tea* is the perfect mixture that leads you Towards Silence, towards that forced moment to stop, not to speak, not to listening, being calm, those moments of recharge, being only with you and only for you.

    Accompany those moments with a beneficial cup of White Tea flavored with Peach* and the relaxing Lavender*, wrapped in subtle notes of Vanilla* and reconnect with yourself. Give yourself that gift!

    * Organically grown products

    Peso     Tiempo de infusionado  Temperatura                         BIO Bio

    3-4 gr/cup    3 min     70º-80ºC

    Towards Silence (Bio)

    Towards Silence (Bio)

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    "Towards Silence (Bio): A Calming Journey of Flavors"

    Embark on a journey towards serenity with Towards Silence (Bio), a unique blend that fuses the softness of Pai Mu Tan White Tea and the freshness of Chun Mee Green Tea with the delicacy of lavender, the sweetness of peach and a touch vanilla and mauve.

    Pai Mu Tan White Tea and Chun Mee Green Tea: These white and green tea bases provide exceptional softness and fresh notes that surround you like a calm hug.

    Aromatic Lavender: Lavender adds a relaxing floral note, like a lavender field in full bloom that takes you towards inner silence.

    Juicy Peach: Peach provides a juicy sweetness that perfectly complements the freshness of lavender, like a caress from nature.

    Natural Aroma of Lavender and Peach: The natural aromas of lavender and peach intensify the sensory experience and transport your senses to a state of tranquility.

    Mallow and Vanilla Extract: Mallow adds softness and visual beauty, while vanilla extract provides a warm and welcoming note that completes this experience.

    Towards Silence (Bio) is an invitation to find peace and calm in the midst of everyday hustle and bustle. Ideal for those looking for a cup full of serenity and balance. Whether you enjoy it in a moment of meditation or share it with friends in a quiet gathering, this tea will remind you that inner silence is a refuge of well-being. Immerse yourself in this cup of serenity and let tranquility envelop you with every sip.


    A cup of white tea of ​​approximately 240 ml usually contains around 15 to 30 milligrams of theine.

    White tea generally has a delicate, subtle flavor, and is often prized for its smooth, natural flavor profile. Milk is therefore not a common addition to white tea, as it can easily overpower its flavor and negatively affect its delicate and refreshing character.

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