Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)
    • Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)
    • Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)
    • Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)

    Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)

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    Beautiful and adored Island of Ibiza, as a Mediterranean country that we are, we continually keep in mind and love our sea, our sun, our light, and of course, its flavor of fresh citrus fruits, all of this is wonderfully contemplated in our proposal DAWN IN IBIZA mix of Pai mutan White Tea*, Chun Mee*, Citronella*, Lemon and Orange Peel*, Licorice*, Papaya*, Ginger*, Blueberry*, Pomegranate* and Natural Grapefruit Flavor*.

    Evocative and energizing, it promises to take you to a beautiful sunrise or, at least, to feel that a new day begins, with its Grapefruit and Lemon flavor it wakes you up and refreshes you. Fill yourself with life!

    * Ingredients from Organic Farming.

    Peso     Tiempo de infusionado   Temperatura                        BIO Bio

    3-4gr/cup    2-3 min     70º-80ºC

    Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)

    Dawn in Ibiza (Bio)

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    "Dawn in Ibiza (Bio): An Awakening of Flavors in Paradise"

    Let the first rays of sun caress you with Amanece en Ibiza (Bio). This white tea, made with Paimutan White Tea and Chun mee, is infused with the essence of a morning on the paradise island of Ibiza.

    Pai Mu Tan White Tea and Chun Mee: The base of this blend is the delicate Pai Mu Tan White Tea and Chun mee, which provide a unique softness and a floral note that evokes the freshness of the morning.

    Citronella, Lemon and Orange Peel: Lemongrass along with lemon and orange peel add a citrus freshness that transports you to the aromas of the Mediterranean, like a morning breeze by the sea.

    Licorice and Ginger: Licorice and ginger provide a comforting sweetness and a spicy touch that awaken your senses like the first glimpses of the sun.

    Papaya, Blueberry and Pomegranate: Papaya, blueberry and pomegranate add a tropical sweetness and explosion of flavor that takes you to the delights of the island.

    Natural Grapefruit Aroma: The natural grapefruit aroma completes this sensory experience, as a citrus and refreshing note that illuminates each sip.

    Dawn in Ibiza (Bio) is an invitation to awaken your senses and enjoy life in all its splendor. Ideal for those looking for a cup full of freshness and vitality. Whether you enjoy it alone at sunrise or share it with friends at a morning gathering, this tea will remind you that every day is an opportunity to wake up and savor the beauty of life. Immerse yourself in this cup of Ibiza and let paradise flood your senses with every sip.


    A cup of green tea of ​​approximately 240 ml usually contains around 20 to 45 milligrams of theine.

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    JUAN M
    may 14, 2024


    Compra y logística Perfect..! Recibo el pedido y observo la colocación y calidad todo detalle. Gracias. Y quería comentar del producto, me encanta su sabor afrutado, suave, es sensacional para el paladar (con fruto de arándano fresco inclusive)y efectivamente lo revitalizante, refrescante si le añades hielo después de un día de ejercicio físico y calor. Enorme, Agradecido. AMEN

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