Imperial Jasmine (Organic)
    • Imperial Jasmine (Organic)
    • Imperial Jasmine (Organic)
    • Imperial Jasmine (Organic)

    Imperial Jasmine (Organic)

    This original green tea gives you a wonderful fine and subtle Jasmine perfume, a classic that you cannot miss. It is considered a prestigious tea in Chinese culture.

    Imperial Jasmine Tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. It is considered a popular choice to accompany light meals, desserts and can also be enjoyed on its own.

    Green Tea Blend China Jasmine* Pai Mu Tan* Jasmine Silver Needles* Jasmine Dragon Pearls*

    Become a true host with your guests, as in your country of origin, China, delight with the Tea ritual, and welcome your guests by serving them this Jasmine Tea that they will not forget.

     *Product of Biological Farming.

    Peso    Tiempo de infusionado Temperatura                      BIO Bio

    3gr/cup       2-3 min      75-80ºC

    Imperial Jasmine (Organic)

    Imperial Jasmine (Organic)

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    - Chinese Jasmine Green Tea:

    Chinese Jasmine Tea is a type of flavored tea that combines green tea leaves with jasmine flowers. It is one of the most popular and recognized varieties of tea in China and around the world. It has a soft and vegetal flavor of green tea, combined with a floral and fragrant aroma of jasmine.

     The flavor and aroma of Chinese jasmine tea varies depending on the quality and region of production.

    It should be noted that Chinese jasmine tea has a long history and tradition in Chinese culture. It has been appreciated for centuries and is considered a symbol of elegance and refinement.

    -Pai Mu Tan:

    Coming from China, this white tea of ​​extraordinary quality has an unrolled green-brown leaf and offers a soft, very aromatic floral flavor.

    -Jasmine Silver Needles:

    The Jasmine flowers of this superior tea are collected at night, since it is at this time when there is a greater concentration of essential oils.

    The tender tea buds are picked by hand and mixed with the flowers for 7 days, in this way they absorb the sweet aroma of jasmine.

    - Jasmine Dragon Pearls:

    The king of jasmine tea, only the youngest tea leaves are hand-picked and flavored with jasmine flowers for several days, hand-rolled into delicate balls in an artisanal manner.

    This tea immerses you in the feeling of being in beautiful flower gardens in spring.


    A cup of green tea of ​​approximately 240 ml usually contains around 20 to 45 milligrams of theine.

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    Un precio muy ajustado para la calidad que tiene, muy rico

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